Two weeks until the Marine Corps Marathon!

It’s getting pretty close to time for my race. I ran 22 miles last Sunday, my last “long” run. I ran 12 miles today and I’ll run a quick 10 miles next weekend…..then the Marathon. I feel ready, though I honestly can’t believe I’m saying that. A few months ago, I constantly told myself and others that I had no interest in running a marathon. That half marathons were plenty. That I didn’t NEED to run a marathon. So what changed?

Nothing really. I still don’t really WANT to run it. But I wanted to do something outside my comfort zone and dedicate it to my precious Maddie. I wanted to raise funds and awareness for epilepsy.

And while I’ve done a pretty decent job of training for the actual running of the marathon, I’ve done a pretty terrible job of fundraising and raising awareness. I’ve done very little to publicize what I’m doing and so it’s all on me. I haven’t really asked for help either, though I recognized awhile back I needed it. Thank goodness for my amazing friends in my running group from Camp Lejeune, the Stroller Warriors, or I’d really have accomplished very little toward my goals.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is that my lack of updates does not reflect how passionately I feel about this cause. If I could invite everyone I know into my home for an hour, you would see our struggles. You would see how not”ok” Maddie is……but that’s not how I like to represent us in our blog posts or how I want us to sound. But the truth is that everything is a massive struggle for this precious little girl and this move has really sent everything into a tailspin. So my lack of communication does not mean we are just getting along like a normal family, but rather that life is so complicated at this time that I just don’t have the few minutes a week it would take to try to put our current situation into words……

In retrospect, the decision to run a marathon and fundraise while doing so just a few months after relocating was not a great decision. I guess it has been a nice distraction, and so hopefully at least my results on race day show my dedication to this cause.

But the reality is I would not have undertaken something this big during our move if it hadn’t meant EVERYTHING to me. Which it does. And I’ve done a terrible job of communicating that.

There is still time to donate. I greatly appreciate all of you who have already donated and I’m sorry I haven’t had the time to thank everyone personally.

Her Donation Site

Maddie’s battle with epilepsy will be lifelong. At this point we can no longer hope that her seizures simply go away. Please help us to fund research that will make her life more enjoyable. Thanks in advance!

And this time I really will update y’all on everything really soon……there is a lot to talk about!

Love to everyone!

Liz, Brandon and Maddie