May 2009 Photos

I know there are alot of similar pics, but it has been awhile since Maddie was in the mood to be photographed and May 20th was an extra cute day for her!

6 thoughts on “May 2009 Photos

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  2. Yes she is as beautiful as ever! Her eyes and smile melt your heart. She is always in my prayers. God Bless all of you.
    Love, Loretta

  3. my heart goes out to your family and little Maddie. May God be close to you and hold you in his arms.

  4. I am saddened by this. I have a 30 year old daughter. She is being tested today for luekemia. Her white blood count is up. She has had a spot on her lung they detected. She also had cancer when she was younger and it went into remission. She is having seizures while she is sleeping. She has clusters and severe migranes that do not stop. Finally we found a doctor that takes care of everything. She also has thyroid problems.

    No matter what age a child is sick like this it is difficult. I try to teach her to enjoy everyday to her fullest that she can. We all just live until we die and go with Jesus. Anyone of us can go at anytime in our lives.

    I have a son that passed away on the Lake Erie shoreline
    13 years ago now. He would be 35 this year.
    (born October 2, 1974 and passed August 1996.)
    Three years later my father passed he had Chronic Lymphatic Luekemia.

    Then in 2007, I went to my moms to find out she had passed. It was upsetting. I was very close with my mom.
    I miss all of them everyday.

    I have had to except all the changes in my life in order to continue living my life. I keep God close to me. When God is close he can do amazing things in our lives.

    When my son passed in August I was pegnant and gave birth to a little girl. Carlie. She is named after her brother Charlie. When my dad was sick in the hospital from April until October my grandson was born. Jacob. God has given we diamonds in the rough to get through it all. When my mother passed two weeks later my great nephew was born.

    I believe God has his reasons for everything he does. We don’t always see it because we don’t see the otherside. I believe heaven is here in another dimension. That is how he hears us when we pray. That is why we can still feel our loved ones close to us too.

    If you believe and pray God will hear you. He loves your baby too!! He gave us these wonderful gifts to be a part of our lives. They each have to learn enough. I found that what I want is not what God wants and he knows the best.
    I had many temper tantrums and still I am upset and try to understand why God is doing this. Then I say to myself. What am I thinking.. God loves me. He doesn’t want to hurt me. Someday I will have great understanding and joy when I reach God and heaven. Then I will be happy. Then I will understand everything.

    Through it God will give you understanding and great love.

    He entrusted you with the most beautiful child. (me too)
    He will heal her. I know she is a baby and he is holding her with his precious love. He will make sure she is ok. Do not loose hope. They have come along way with medicines.

    My daughter has lived for 10 years so far with cancer .

    I am fortunate to have had her as long as God lets me.
    MY son , I am greatful to have known him. He had blue eyes and dimples and always a smile.. He was loved and loved many. He lived while he was liviing and had a great life. It was short and sweet.

    God makes you a stronger person so your able to do the work he needs you for in heaven.. Just my belief. I just wanted to share with you. Keep your hope. Keep strong. Keep a smile on.

    MY mother use to say to me and it helped sometimes. “Smile on the outside and you will feel better on the inside.”

  5. Liz,

    You are an inspiration. Our prayers are with you, Brandon and Maddie.
    Proverbs 3:4-6

    Mary Anne & Walter

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