RoC Golf Tourney 2015

Since moving to Colorado, I have been lucky enough to find myself in amazing situations that I would never have imagined. One such event occurred Friday. Because of how well Maddie is doing, I had the opportunity to co-chair the annual Realm of Caring Golf Tournament.

For weeks prior, I have been stressing about the details of it. I stressed over far too many details even the day of. But thankfully, there were people there to capture the event so that I could play it back in my head and be grateful to have been a part of it.

The entire day was amazing. Moments that were most memorable to me were getting to chat with true cannabis pioneer, Alice O’Leary-Randall, and Daniel Wiskow, a man from California who is only recently seizure free since starting Charlotte’s Web. Daniel traveled to Colorado just to visit Realm of Caring to share his gratitude. He was a last minute addition, and I know that it was absolutely meant to be, as so many of us were inspired by his presence at the event.


We sponsored a hole in honor of Maddie. We’d love if you would support the Realm of Caring in honor of her too. You can do so by clicking here. Without this amazing organization, she would not be experiencing the enormous changes that amaze us daily. Here she is at dinner tonight, wild and crazy!



I want to thank all who have given so generously in support of Maddie and the Realm of Caring. Big thanks to Brandon who remembered to tell others that we were raising funds when I was busy working on the tournament. Thanks especially to my mom, who flew out here to hang with Maddie so that I could concentrate on the event. And thanks to Nichole Montanez of Face of Cannabis for capturing so many beautiful photos of the event.


Love to everyone!