Signing off for the night

Just a quick final post for the day…….

She is moving all her arms and legs and is acting like our Maddie. She is very sleepy as expected with all those anesthetics this late in the day. What we have seen so far has been good though. She has taken some of her oral medicines with little bits of juice and gummy bears and hasn’t shown any signs of nausea. Please keep praying for her as we will undoubtedly have a harder day tomorrow when she wakes up and starts to feel pain and anxiety over all the lines and all she has been through.


3 thoughts on “Signing off for the night

  1. So glad the surgery is done ! Continuing all the prayers for sweet Maddie. Love to you all.


  2. I’ve been thinking about Maddie, praying, and wondering how she’s doing. So glad I found this blog. Glad everything is going well!

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