The day has arrived

It’s the night before surgery and I never wrote the long post I intended to explain the surgery and how we made the decision.  Sorry! The surgery she is having is a corpus callosotomy. It is considered to be more palliative than curative, meaning we don’t expect it to cure her of epilepsy. If successful, it could reduce or change the seizures in a way that could give her a better quality of life. That is of course, our hope, and it is why we have decided on this course of action.

Her surgery is scheduled for 1:30 pm, which will be a bit of a challenge because it means she’ll be awake a long time in the morning without being allowed to eat. The positive is that we just got back home from a busy weekend at the beach with family. Maddie had a blast on the beach and in the ocean. It was a great way to stay busy so that we can just stop thinking about all the what-ifs.

The surgery will likely last around 5 hours from when they make us leave her to begin sedation. When the surgeon is done, she will go to the ICU for at least the first night and as long as it takes after that to get her stable. We expect to be in the hospital a minimum of 5 days.

We’d love your prayers, most specifically for a successful and complication-free surgery. We feel very confident in her surgeon, Dr Grant, but we know that any surgery, and especially brain surgery, is risky. There are many potential negative side effects of the surgery that can occur over the next few days and we will likely be very busy in the hospital helping control her pain and with therapies to try to help her with any weakness post-surgery. I will be updating here as frequently as I have time. I will definitely let y’all know once they have taken her back to begin the surgery as well as when we get to see her in the ICU.

Thanks in advance for your prayers and for caring about our little girl!

Love to everyone,

Liz, Brandon, and Maddie

11 thoughts on “The day has arrived

  1. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Also, the members of my church are praying for Maddie. May God guide the skills of Dr. Grant to accomplish successful surgery for Maddie. Love to all.

  2. I will be praying for Maddie and for you all as you go through this surgery and healing together. May peace be with you all. Love, Lisa

  3. I will be praying for a successful surgery for Maddie. God, give the surgeon wisdom to help Maddie. I pray God that Maddie’s body will function in the way you created it to. Be with her family as they pray and undergo this difficult time with their precious daughter. Please give Maddie and her family the peace in their hearts that only you can
    give. In your son’s name I pray. Amen!

  4. There are no words that properly describe how much my heart is with you. There is a unique terror to a brain surgery, it’s truly like no other. They aren’t just messing with any organ…they are manipulating the thing that is the essence of your child. My heart aches for you as much as it holds hope for Maddie’s new life.

    I send love, hope, prayers, and most of all – an understanding beyond words of your fears and dreams. You have my heart tomorrow. May Dr. Grant’s hands be guided and skillful.

  5. You can count on my prayers for Maddie and you both. And, for the hands of those doctors!
    Keep us posted. Big hugs and LOTS of prayers. Ruthie Ruppert in Quantico. (old neighbor from Eden Street) 🙂

  6. Lord Jesus, please wrap your arms around Maddie and her family today and hug them tight. Help them to feel your squeezes of everlasting love and comfort them if they get scared. Please, be very near to them and let them feel your presence and peace through this very difficult time. Guide Dr. Grant’s hands as he performs this delicate operation and be with him every single step of the way. Give him wisdom and remove any obstacles that might prevent a successful surgery. Most of all, dear God, please, let this surgery and your healing presence mean an end to Maddie’s seizures and heal her completely. Thank you God, for what is to come…we believe that you can and will heal Maddie according to your perfect will.
    In Jesus name, AMEN.
    Lots of love and hugs to your family!! ❤

  7. Love and prayers from the Atlanta crew-for Maddie, Dr. Grant, all her doctors and nurses and for all of her family!! We love y’all!!!
    The Shields

  8. Prayers and love to Maddie, You and Brandon. May God’s Hands guide the surgeons…

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