It’s almost summer…..

Where has the time gone?

Brandon has almost been gone for two months. This deployment is different than our previous ones and so we don’t really have an exact idea of when he’ll return. But we are keeping busy, which helps. ┬áHe is safe and busy too. And I hear from him regularly via email which keeps me sane.

Maddie’s first full year of preschool is almost through and I’m thrilled to be able to say that Maddie is truly making progress. It isn’t fast, but we are moving in the right direction. She is much more verbal, though you could not yet really say she is talking. But I often know what she wants or needs now, so that is huge.

We are beginning to have to deal with behavioral issues, basically normal toddler stuff. It is a bit complicated to discipline a kid who I cannot put down because I have to be holding onto her to prevent her from slamming her face into the floor with a seizure. But I am really happy to see her making developmental progress, even if it now puts me in a quandary about how on earth to discipline her. She can be a handful. Actually, she’s always been a handful, but now it is in the way that most people use that term.

Other stuff…..seizures still suck. We are working on it as usual. They are a bit better than a few months ago, but they are still not good. She is wearing a harness now to walk. This means I follow behind any time she is walking all day. But her walking is much better, and she can actually run now. Though we are really a sight with me running right behind her.

Here are some recent pics:

So you can see from the pics, she is a really happy child. And that makes it all a lot easier. I am not sure how I could love this kiddo any more. We definitely still have our challenges here, but Maddie makes my job awesome. It can be sad and exhausting at times, but I just try to take my cues from her. And she is happy.

I’ll try to stay in touch!

Love to everyone,

Liz & Maddie