2 thoughts on “20100327_5979

  1. Hi Liz, Maddie and Brandon

    I think about your family often….and Maddie. Yes- she deserves to have this medication work and for the seizures to stop or at least lessen. You all need this – and I will pray. I think about how strong you have all been to keep going. I think part of what you say Liz is so true – how our kids remain happy and keep going no matter what – their AMAZING LITTLE SPIRITS just keep them driving forward no matter what is handed to them in life. And this part is really a miracle – that the kids just keep going despite the incredibly hard things that have occurred in Maddie’s life so far. Thank you so much for updating and you all remain in my thoughts. Take care as much as you can – your resolve is strong.

    Connie (from ALL parents list), Sophie (now 5 years old and 18 months off treatment) and Jenny = just 7 months old.

  2. Liz – Maddie is still so adorable. Those big beautiful eyes would steal anyone’s heart. You, Brandon & Maddie are always in my prayers. Thanks for the update — I do hope the Lamictal works for her this time. You are so right she deserves to be healed.

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