Snow Day

First a quick update on how things are going: We weaned Maddie off the diet. Seizures are no better, but no worse. So the diet wasn’t doing anything. Back to the medicine merry-go-round….

There is good news though……two days after being off the diet, she began to walk again. She had not walked without alot of help for 4 months. And the diet just seemed to sap her energy no matter what changes we made to try to fix the energy problem. So even though the diet is touted as a treatment with less side effects, for Maddie it had very severe side effects. So I am relieved to have put it behind us. I am giving her a break from trialing something new for a week or so, just to see where she is seizure-wise without the diet.

Happy Valentine’s Day! I got a dozen roses from my hubby today and though we haven’t spoken, I have heard from him via email today. Definitely improves my mood to know he is safe.

So we got a bunch of snow here Friday into Saturday. I think this is the most snow I’ve seen here since we first moved to Lejeune in 2000. Maddie has her days and nights reversed again and so we have not had much playtime in the snow. But I waited til some of it melted and it wasn’t so deep today, and I got some cute pics.

She really seemed to have fun, though it was pretty unfair of me to put her in boots that are hard for her to walk in, in hard crusty snow, on the third day since she has started to walk again……There were a few falls, but she really seemed to enjoy herself, even lying in the snow.

And I included the pics of our house and street for those who might be curious about base housing. Our street is quite quaint….though the houses are old and a bit small.

Love to everyone!