Maddie went in around 9 this morning for her BMA and LP procedures to determine if she had relapsed. After being added to the OR schedule last night we were fortunate to get into pre-op quickly and into the procedure room by 10. The preliminary results of her bone marrow and spinal fluid showed no explicit signs of relapse under the microscope, but it will be 24-48 hours before the flow cytometry results are back from the laboratory. The initial impressions are positive, but we have to wait for the lab testing to be certain.

Rather than sitting around in Charlotte waiting and stressing, we decided to head down to Wilmington this evening and wait it out at the beach. Her seizures have continued to be strong, continuous, and effect her ability to walk without falling. Although that has been our primary focus the last few months, this recent blood test has reminded us how many serious fights Maddie has going on right now. Please keep her in your prayers.

Liz, Maddie, & Brandon

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  1. Thanks for updating us! I’m glad that you still went on your trip. You are right, no sense in sitting around! However, it looks like good news that they didn’t see anything on the first past! I hope that flow cytometry comes back fast and clean!

  2. So happy to hear the good results. I am continuing to pray for Maddie as is my church. I am so awed by your strength and resolve. I am a friend of your Mom’s .

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