Slow improvement

I just wanted to quickly post that we are still in the hospital. She has started to talk to us a bit more, though it is clear she goes back into her shell whenever we do anything “medical” to her. She is by no means back to “normal” for her, but we are just ready to get out of here. Her Infantile Spasms have started to come back, and she is not currently on any seizure medication, so we expect to start something for them soon.

We are currently waiting to hear the results of her brain MRI and her LP yesterday. We also hope to get an idea if when we might break out if here as well.

Thanks for continuing to pray for our sweet Maddie. Have a happy Easter, too.
Liz, Brandon, and Maddie

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5 thoughts on “Slow improvement

  1. Liz –
    Thanks for the post. We are thinking about you every day. I hope you get the good news soon that you can take your sweet Maddie home. Easter symbolizes new beginnings – hopefully it will bring one for Maddie too.
    Lots of love,

  2. Liz – I am so relieved to hear that Maddie is making some improvement. What a strong little girl you have. Maddie and your family continues to be in my prayers.


  3. Hey Liz, just checking on you guys and Maddie. I am glad your out of the PICU, but so sorry about the seizures. I hope that things improve quickly. I know that you could use a break. I am still praying for you and Maddie and long so badly to read of her feeling better!

    Love to ya!
    Bec-Andrew’s mom from the IS forum

  4. Hey Liz, just a thought. Andrew’s seizures have always gotten better when he took antibiotics (specifically Augmentin). I don’t know if it is an option for you, but it might provide some relief.

    Hoping this helps. I couldn’t leave your site without mentioning it.

    Love to you,

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