Normal remission marrow!

According to our oncologist, her marrow looked like a normal remission marrow. There will be more definitive tests run on it  to validate that and I will post those results when I have them.

It will be at least the end of this week or early next week before we get the results of the tests they are running on her marrow to see if Parvovirus is the problem or if she is overly sensitive to one of her chemotherapy drugs. We look forward with great anticipation to getting some answers.

We hope to move up to live with Brandon in Quantico early in the New Year, but our decision is based upon getting this hemoglobin situation under control. We are so excited to get to live together as a family again, but making 2-4 clinic visits per week will be tough without the help of my mom. The drive to our clinic will be a similar distance but will involve  the DC beltway traffic and that scares me. Right now, my mom accompanies us to all visits to help us and we will miss that terribly when we move. It is amazing how much it helps to have someone to park the car for you and to allow you to run out to the bathroom while your child is attached to an IV pole.

Thanks for all of your prayers. I know they are working. Maddie did very well during her procedure today and is napping off all the anesthesia at home right now.

Love to everyone,

Liz, Brandon (who is now back in the car for 6 hours), and Maddie

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4 thoughts on “Normal remission marrow!

  1. Such wonderful news! She was in my thoughts and prayers all day! Hope you guys have a great holiday together!!!

  2. Great news!
    I really hope they figure out what’s up with her Hbg though.
    Will you be able to have a home health service in Quantico to come do blood draws?
    Also, its scary, but its not as hard as I thought it would be without someone with me at the hospital…although I lean HEAVILY on the volunteers!!!!

  3. Great news! What a wonderful Christmas present and 2009 is looking to be a fabulous year for all the Gormans! We are thinking of you all! And sending a big kiss to Bea too! Grandmothers are the best!!

    Carrie, Zack, Elizabeth & Mary Margaret

    PS – LOVED the Christmas card! She couldn’t be cuter!!

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