A few quick things…..

First, I want to update y’all that Maddie’s counts were fabulous yesterday on our clinic visit. We were able to stop giving her count recovery injections daily, and she is not immunocompromised (at least for a few days). Sometimes I think I pay too much attention to the counts, and I need to pay more attention to how she is feeling (and maybe listen to her oncologist when he tells me not to be worried). She is feeling great right now!

Second, thanks to everyone who has emailed me reagrding t-shirt orders. I am hoping to place the full order by Monday, so if you want a t-shirt, email me at lizcgorman@verizon.net. More info about the shirts is in my previous post below.

And last but not least, flu shots are available now, and if you plan to come into contact with Maddie during this flu season, you need to have a flu shot. Maddie will get her flu shot this week, but because her immune system is so weakened by chemo, it is not known if the vaccine will actually provide her with much protection. It is important that everyone around her is protected so that she does not come into contact with the virus. Contracting the flu would likely be fatal for Maddie, so this is a very serious subject. Also, the FluMist vaccine is commonly given to school age kids today.  Because the flu virus in the FluMist nasal vaccine is actually a weakened live virus, children shed this live virus for up to 30 days after it is administered. If your child has had Flu-mist within 30 days of a time when they may come into contact with Maddie, please let me know so that we can keep our distance.

As we approach the MileStones Walk November 15th, we are especially wary of all that is going around right now. Please let me know if you have any concerns about the health of your child (or yourself) when we cross paths. It is a strange way to live, but we have to be as careful as possible to keep Maddie from being exposed to germs until she has a normal immune system. She will have a weakened immune system for at least another 18 months and maybe longer, so this is our way of life.

Thanks for checking in on us. This Wednesday, if her counts are good, Maddie will have a bone marrow aspirate to make sure the cancer is still gone and a lumbar puncture to put chemo into her spinal fluid. She will also have another IV chemo and we will be giving her oral steroids for 5 days. The steroids make her crazy, so we will be staying close to home. Wednesday also happens to be the one year anniversary of the day we got the news that something was really not right with our daughter’s blood and that leukemia was suspected. We will not celebrate that day, but instead will celebrate when she has been in remission for a year. That certainly seems to be a better thing to celebrate.

Love to everyone!

Liz, Brandon, and Maddie

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