Next week (we hope!)

We are hoping to start Maddie’s last high dose chemotherapy Monday. If her counts are good enough (please let them be!) to start, we will have at least two nights at the hospital. Last time we got this chemo, Maddie had a high fever and nausea, which are common side effects. She was miserable the entire time we were there between the fevers, the steroid eye-drops 3 times a day, and the intramuscular shots into both thighs at the end. So we hope it goes better this time, but mainly we will just rejoice that we have finished all of her hard chemo. Because of the fevers though, it is possible we will get stuck in the hospital for a little longer than is planned. That’s okay as long as it isn’t too long….and maybe we will get our favorite night nurse (you know who you are!), which makes the nights there much easier.


Maddie has been doing pretty well this week except for her sleeping. She is cutting all four of her canines and another tooth right now. Sometimes even in the crazy life we live, the normal baby/toddler stuff makes life interesting! Her hair has started falling out again so I will be posting lots of pictures because I love her having even just a little bit of hair. So I have been a little camera-crazy lately. So we will say goodbye to the hair again until around the holidays (if I have finally figured out the pattern).


Hopefully this gas crisis ends soon; I think I have enough to make it to the hospital!


So wish us luck on good blood counts Monday and an easy, uneventful last (planned) hospital stay! Please continue to pray that our baby stays cancer-free forever! We are coming up on 11 months since diagnosis this week, which means she has been getting chemo for half of her life. But if chemo keeps cancer cells away, we’ll take it!


Love to everyone,

Liz, Brandon, and Maddie


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5 thoughts on “Next week (we hope!)

  1. I’m so excited for all of you! I know what you mean by night nurses. We have a couple favorites as well! They will take her out of the room if she’s fussy so I can sleep, and take her in the morning so I can leave to get Starbucks!

    Abigail is has skipped her canines and lower incisors and is going straight to her bottom two molars.

    Today is our last day of steroids, and it couldn’t come soon enough!

    Much love to all of you!

  2. Mary, I added a link to get to her YouTube videos on the Photos page so you can see all of our silly videos there.
    Owen is in our prayers too!

  3. Hi Maddie,
    Good Luck with your last round of hard chemo! You are an amazing little girl (and quite precious I might add). We pray for you everynight and I will throw in an extra prayer for good blood counts on Monday and an easy stay at the hospital.
    Kathleen (cousin to Abigail)

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