Recovering Well

We had a visit to the clinic this morning to check counts. Maddie had made it all weekend without signs of anemia, so we never got a blood transfusion and we were anxious to see if her hemoglobin was much lower. Incredibly, her hemoglobin had bascially held steady and her platelets have recovered. Her white blood count was nice and high because of the Neupogen injections I have been giving her that help her recover from the hard chemo more quickly. So we no longer have to inject her either.  Hooray!

We are hoping her white count will stay high enough for her to start her last round of hard chemo next Monday. Her white count and absolute neutrophil count (ANC) always drop off after we stop the neupogen injections, so we hope it stays high enough to fulfill the count requirements to start high dose Ara-C. Her ANC was almost 6000 today so we hope to be good to go on Monday.

This also means that she is no longer immunocompromised so we hope to get out and do some fun things this week before going in the hopital next week. We love this fall weather here in Charlotte and are spending as much time as possible outdoors.

Also, I want to remind everyone about the Milestones Walk November 15th. Please click here to join our team if you plan to join us and haven’t done so already.

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Please keep Miss Maddie and all of the other children fighting cancer in your prayers! Don’t forget, it is still Children’s Cancer Awareness Month!

Love to everyone,

Liz, Brandon, and Maddie

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3 thoughts on “Recovering Well

  1. The picture of Maddie is just wonderful — what an inspiration your little girl is!! God has been faithfully moving her through all the medical “stuff” and He has His arms firmly around her. She is one of the “little lambs” that Jesus spoke of a belonging to Him. I am so thrilled for you all as she continues to move steadily onward. I’m signing up for the email connection and thank you for allowing me to pray for Maddie.

  2. She’s so beautiful! I really hope she and Abigail can meet one day. They seem very similar.
    I hope her WBC stays up there! Abigail’s counts usually drop by 1/2 when she goes off neupogen.
    Enjoy your week free of drugs and get out and have a good time!
    CP: HappyAbby

  3. Hi Liz,
    I do believe my Maddy and your Maddie share not only a diagnosis date (went in on Oct 29th and diagnosed on Oct30th) but they also share a birthday! November 30th….however, my Maddy was born in 2004. Strange, huh?

    Take care & we will continue to check in!

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