Clinic visit today

We went in today expecting that Maddie’s white count would be very low and that she would probably need a blood transfusion. Her hemoglobin was 7.9 but she is not yet acting like the anemia is bothering her, so we decided to hold off on transfusing until tomorrow or Monday (if we can make it that long). Her WBC was actually .5 and she had a little ANC (150) so it appears that she is already recovering from last week’s chemo thanks to the Neupogen injections I am giving her daily. She is still very immunocompromised, but at least she is now on the way up.

We will probably be in the clinic for a transfusion tomorrow. We plan to enjoy a quiet weekend at home while we wait for her counts to come up more. We will miss my dad’s birthday weekend down in Charleston. So Happy Birthday Dad! (I won’t tell you how old he is but he says he feels like he isn’t a day older than 30, but I am 30……) Also Happy Birthday to Shawn who turns the big 3-0 this Saturday! I hope we can get together sometime soon with each of you!

Go out and enjoy this beautiful weather! Fall is almost here…..

Love to everyone,


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